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Authorization for Home Inspection Services

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This agreement limits our liability-- Please read it carefully This home inspection agreement is made effective on the date stated on the front page of this agreement by and between AmeriHome Inspection Services(herinafter "AmeriHome", "we", "us" and "our")and client named under client info section of this report(hereinafter "client", "you" or "your") Collectively "parties"). We are an independently owned and operated company in the business of providing home inspection services. You desire to have a general home inspection(the inspection) and/or other inspection related services performed on a home located at the address stated on front page of this report. The services desired are indicated on the front page of this report.--- Fee: You agree to pay the fee stated on this report for the performance of the Services. This amount shall be paid in full prior to the completion of Services and/ or before report is delivered to you. Should you fail to timely pay the agreed fee, you shall be responsible for paying any and all fees associated with collection, including but not limited to admin costs, attorneys fees, and cost of litigation.---Scope of Inspection: This inspection is a limited visual examination of certain readily accessible systems and components using normal operating controls and opening readily openable access panels. The purpose of this inspection is to provide you with information about the condition of certain systems and components of the home at the time of the inspection. The inspection will be performed in accordance with the technical guidelines of the American Society of Home Inspectors. ( A copy of these guidelines are available upon request from us and should be reviewed by you prior to accepting our service). The Inspection guidelines are hereby incorporated by reference in their entirety and are hereby made a part of this Agreement. All terms used herein are not otherwise defined shall have the same meaning set forth in the Inspection guidelines.---The inspector is a generalist and is not a licensed engineer or expert in any specific craft or trade. If the inspector recommends further action, including(but not limited to) consulting with a specialized expert, you must do so at your expense or otherwise assume all risks associated with the failure to do so. THIS INSPECTION IS NOT TECHNICALLY EXHAUSTIVE.---A report will be provided describing the following systems and components: structural components, exterior, roof, plumbing system, electrical system, heating system, installed A/C units, interiors, insulation & ventilation, fireplaces & solid fuel burning appliances. The report will identify the following: (a) which systems and components designated for inspection herein are, in the opinion of the inspector, significantly deficient or near the end of their service life (B) why the inspector deems the system or component to be significantly deficient or near the end of its service life, (C) whether further evaluation, correction or monitoring is needed, and (D) whether any system or component herein was not inspected and why it was not inspected. We reserve the right to modify the Report for a period of time that shall not exceed 48 hours after the report has been first delivered to you. EXCLUSIONS: A component or system that is not readily accessible if inspection requires moving personal property, dismantling, destructive measures, or any action that will, in the opinion of the inspector, likely involve risk to persons or property. Anything not readily accessible because it is concealed or inaccessible due to obstructions including (but not limited to) floor coverings, suspended ceiling tiles, insulation, furniture or other personal property, soil, vegetation, water, ice or snow cannot be inspected. We are not required to move or disturb such items in order to diminish or eliminate the obstruction. We are not required to report on or engage in any practice or act that is not included or that is specifically excluded in the inspection guidelines unless otherwise agreed to in writing and signed by the parties. We are not required to inspect anything identified in the inspection guidelines as limitations or exclusions to the systems and components inspected. The list of the following specific exclusions is not an exhaustive list; see the inspection guidelines for additional exclusions and limitations. We are NOT required to determine the following: remaining life of any system or component, advisability of purchase of the property, the presence of wood destroying insects, mold or mildew, rot/decay, or items not permanently installed. We are not required to predict future conditions including failure of components, operate any system that is shut down or otherwise inoperable, light pilot lights, enter hazardous areas, or perform engineering, architectural, plumbing, or any other job function requiring licenses or certifications in you jurisdiction. We are not required to determine compliance of building codes. Water leaks, seepage and drainage problems are often only visible during or after certain amount of rain. It is thus impossible to observe these problems unless the inspection is conducted during or immediately after a rain sufficient to reveal such problems.
NOTICE OF CLAIMS: You understand and agree that any claim or complaint arising out of or related to any alleged act or omission of Amerihome in connection with the services shall be reported to us in writing, within 10 business days of discovery. Unless there is an emergency condition, you agree to allow us a reasonable period of time to investigate the claim by, among other things, re-inspect before you make repairs of the system that is the matter of the complaint. You understand that any failure to timely notify us and allow adequate time to investigate as stated above shall constitute a complete bar and waiver of any and all claims you may have against us related to the alleged act or omission unless otherwise prohibited by law.

Arbitration- Any dispute concerning the interpretation of this agreement or arising from the services and report (unless based on payment of fee) shall be resolved by binding, non-appealable arbitration conducted in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Assoc, except that the parties shall mutually agree upon an Arbitrator who is familiar with home inspection industry.

Limitation Period -Any legal action arising from this Agreement or from the Services and Report, including the Arbitration proceeding described above, must be commenced within 1 year from the date of services. Failure to bring such action within this time period shall be a complete bar to any such action and a full and complete waiver of my rights, or claims based thereon.

Limit of Liability - Due to the nature of Services we are providing, It is difficult to forsee or determine(at the time of this agreement) potential damaged in the event of negligence or breach of this agreement by us, Thus, if we fail to perform the Services as provided herein or are careless or negligent in the performance of the Services or preparing the Report, our liability for any and all claims related thereto is limited to fee paid for Services, and you will release us from any and all additional liability. There will be no recovery for Consequential damages. You understand that the performance of the Services without this limitation of liability would be more technically exhaustive, likely would require specialist and would cost substantially more than this limited visual inspection.

This report, The Inspection, and/or The agreement does not constitute a warranty, an insurance policy, or a guarantee of any kind and by accepting all of the above you acknowledge that you have read ,understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement and agree to pay the fee as agreed.

Conditions that may exist relating to any legal and/or public records are outside the scope of this inspection. AmeriHome cannot determine during the inspection that the roof leaks or is watertight; the rating is on material condition only. Further, this inspection does not cover code compliance, soil or groundwater contamination, geological, design, adequacy evaluation, or any low voltage wiring. AmeriHome reserves a 5% margin or tolerance. This report is not a mold or hazardous materials inspection.

Client represents and assures AmeriHome that Client has secured all approvals necessary for entry onto the premises to be inspected. Client further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless AmeriHome from demands or claims alleging a trespass upon the premises to be inspected. It is the responsibility of the Client or Agent to ensure the utilities are on at the time of inspection. AmeriHome recommends checking for permits on all additional construction performed on the property after the original construction.

AmeriHome has no liability for occupied/unoccupied homes and structures, and the inspection is only good until the inspector leaves the property. Disgruntled sellers/squatters often change the condition of the property and no guarantees will be made by AmeriHome

I have read the Terms and Conditions of this inspection and accept them, and also accept the Waiver Conditions.

I have full authority to execute this contract. I fully understand the fact that only the original buyer on this contract shall be entitled to the information contained in the inspection report/contract.

Client shall be liable for AmeriHomes attorney's fees in the event of litigation. Any negative comments/actions reflected on/towards AmeriHome shall be grounds for a slander-suit for defamation of character in Superior Court. The defamation of character suit shall be filed against the instigator of said comments/actions.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this contract as set forth on the front of this form. I fully understand that if there is no signature on the line below, this inspectin report shall be null and void.

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